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PFM’s Multi-Manager Funds uses passive index management and multiple highly skilled, third-party investment managers with expertise in their respective markets to build diversified portfolios for our clients.

These mutual funds — PFM Multi-Manager Domestic Equity Fund, PFM Multi-Manager International Equity Fund, and PFM Multi-Manager Fixed-Income Fund — will enable our clients to experience a more optimal solution while seeking beer risk-reward outcomes.

Jim Link
Regional Specialist

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Western Viceroy
International Equity Fixed Income

FUND OBJECTIVE: The fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation. Any income received is incidental to this objective.


FUND STRATEGY: The fund will utilize a "multi-manager" approach, allocating assets to one or more sub-advisers who act independently and in keeping with their distinct investment styles. Assets are primarily invested in common stock of U.S.-based companies.

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FUND OBJECTIVE: Description of international equities.


FUND STRATEGY: Multimanager fund strategies that do this and that

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FUND OBJECTIVE: Something else of international equities.


FUND STRATEGY: Multi multi fund strategies that do this and that

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